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Alangu Mastiff


Alangu Mastiff is a rare breed of Mastiff that is domiciled in the South of India. This breed is quite large and they have gained immense popularity among farmers for security and protection purposes. The typical breed is well known for its sharp instinct and guarding prowess. In some areas the breed is used as a fighting dog.

This breed is quite ferocious and sometimes may be inclined towards savagery hence only an experienced dog handler is supposed to handle this dog. Individuals who intend to acquire this dog for guarding purposes or as a pet dog should ideally be conversant with techniques for handling. Trained Alangu Mastiff can be much calm and less troublesome to the owner. This breed does not need much care. Its short coat is neat and does not need to be groomed but once in a while the owner can use a brush. Rustic breeds do not need much maintenance. Their hardy nature and general predisposition does not make them fit for any grooming.

Alangu Mastiff breeds of dogIt is believed that the Alangu Mastiff draws its heritage from Punjab and the adjacent areas. Nowadays, the breed is a common sight in some districts in the south of India. There are mixed theories regarding the origin of this breed with some dog historians presuming it had been in existence in India around 400 BC.  It is also believed to have been introduced into ancient Persia right about that time.

Furthermore, this rumor also extends to the belief that Alangu Mastiff were used by the soldiers of the famous Greek Conqueror Alexander the Great, after acquiring some from India. Thereafter, its usefulness grew and it became a war dog. Nowadays, they are still used for the same purpose but not as much as in ancient times. In some places, the breed is used specifically for hunting purposes. In the neighboring Pakistan, it bears semblance to some mastiffs in the neighboring Pakistan.
The physical appearance of the Alangu Mastiff is more or less with that of the other breeds of Mastiffs. On average, the dog measures 76 cm in height but this may vary from place to place. It also weighs an average of 63 pounds but some could be more or less than this. The body is well built and muscular. The Alangu Mastiff has loose hanging skin on its characteristically black muzzle. It also has a considerably long backside. The limbs are well built and muscular and the tail also has a tapered end. A characteristic feature of this breed is the short even hair which comes in different colors. However, the most common are fawn and bindle with slight variations to the colors.

A typical Alangu mastiff also has a large broad head with medium to high set ears resting on it. The features give the dog a more squared appearance especially from the top. This breed is quite sharp and more alert to anything that happens within its proximity. So strangers may be intimidated by it searching expressions when they encounter it. Those who want to rear this breed in area within small spaces may need to look for a place the dog can stay. It would even be inappropriate to have them as pets because they are not used to staying in closed areas or space. Their adventurous spirit and predisposition to wild and country environments makes them the ideal country dogs.