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The Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog


The Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog is a rare breed domiciled in the USA that was developed successively from the 19th century with the aim of reviving the progeny of the plantation dog that was being threatened by extinction. This working and guarding dog is believed to draw its heritage from one of the dogs that were used to kick start the breeding programme. Although it was initially a country dog, this breed has also been domesticated and kept by town dwellers in apartments.

Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog is a well developed breed as evidenced by its set of physical features. The head is broad and raised and proportionate to the body. The muzzle is medium sized and black in color with slight wrinkles. Its eyes are round and set wide apart on the round face. Generally, this breed has short closely cropped coat which is rough to touch. The coat colors may range from fawn to Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog-The Plantation Dogvarious shades of white, and brown. It is also common to find dogs which have a mix of color such white patch and dirt brown.  Its eyes are evidently blue in color but they are also shades of brown and blue.

Generally the breed has medium sized muscular body which gives it stamina, balance, and firmness while in motion. The chest is broad and deep extending to the area around the elbows. In most cases, the ears are left in their natural shape are rarely trimmed. Its back is somehow long and seems proportionate with the height. Its muscular forelimbs rest on wide pads which gives it the necessary grip while in motion. In standing position, its forelimbs are set wide apart. The hind legs also streamline with the forelimbs when the dog is in motion. In addition, the breed’s body tends to narrow towards the tail.

The Alapaha Blue Blood Blue dog is a quick learner and so they can be trained with relative ease. It is a loyal dog which can serve as a faithful watch dog because of its good protection instincts. They can be fiercely protective and intimidating to strangers or intruders. They are also playful and considerate and bond well with children and adults. Most kinds are less troublesome and so the owners need not worry about scolding or restricting their activity by putting them in kennels. On average, the males weigh 47 kgs while the females weigh 35 kg. Apparently, the males are quite heavier and also taller than the females.

This is naturally an outdoor breed. However, dogs that are kept in apartments can thrive when they has enough space to play and also allowed to play with minimum restriction. Routine walks and exercise will also improve the breed’s demeanor and digestion. Although it is susceptible to eye problems such as entroption, this breed can live for between 12-15 years when it is taken good care of through proper feeding and inoculation against disease. Mixed colors are allowed so long as there are no prominent defects on the breed.