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Boerboel- “The South African Companion”



The Boerboel is a huge and heavy breed of medium stature with a large round head. It is domiciled in South Africa where it has been widely used as a watchdog because of its mental sharpness and boldness. It has proven its worth in tracking lost livestock and wounded game. This breed is much revered in the native home for the unwavering courage and unusual strength it display.

Generally, the Boerboel has prominent facial features which include a black muzzle, wrinkled forehead, full cheeks, and a broad nose. It also has a broad nose. The small round eyes are set wide apart with black color surrounding this region. The large lifeless ears droop over the sides of the head. Its short neck is thick and had loose hanging skin.  The coat color of the Boerboel comes in shades of black, Boerboel breed of dogbrown or red. The outer coat is distinctly rough and straight but the undercoat is much smooth and closely cropped. It has a height range of 60-70 cm in maturity and a weight of 50-80kg.

The Boerboel is a breed with average intellectually acuity but nonetheless robust. It has been known to seek ways to entertain itself in areas or spaces with little space. It is also a loyal breed which can have much affection to the master when properly treated. Its strength lies in constant devotion and subservience to the family members regardless of the prevailing conditions at home. On average, the Boerboel does not require much grooming because it is a natural shedder. However, the owner may need to groom by brushing its hair once in a while and remove, dust so that the coat may have a shinier gloss.

When left to chart its own path, the Boerboel can be quite infuriating and so the owner needs to enforce his dominance over the breed to stem out any tendencies towards insubordination or disobedience. Early training will provide the animal with a solid grounding on acceptable social conduct such as friendliness and good treatment of other pets within the homestead. As a guard dog, the Boerboel is naturally inclined to dislike strangers and intruders. So the owner can be assured of adequate protection from people with ill intent.

The Boerboel is not a docile breed so its facial expression makes it appear more inquisitive. Although it is not naturally aggressive, it still exhibits remarkable guarding tendencies. Individuals who are raising it adult dogs can be intimidated by their stubborn tendencies, immense strength, and physical outlook. To avoid such scenarios, the homeowner may need to rear puppies in which time he will winning their affection and loyalty as they grow. When in good mood, the Boerboel can perform amazing theatrics just to please or get the attention of the master.

The Boerboel breed can thrive well in a home with spacious playground or lawn. When raised in close quarters, they can be quite destructive as they tend to maul fabrics or anything they play with if they get bored. A good cure against boredom and frustration would be to take the Boerboel out for routine walks and exercise to make them vibrant and less stressed. They are naturally wild dogs and fit the carefree countryside environment where there is ample play space and lots of adventures
A caged Boerboel should be released to play for a few hours each day so that it can grow and release pent energy and anger. Because they are agile, a small space in the backyard will suffice the dog’s play needs. However, the bigger the space the better.