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 The beautiful Boxer Breed


 Boxer is a breed of dogs that comes from the geographical area of Germany. They are very strong animals. The most strength of the Boxer comes from the jaws. They are very apt for biting & then holding on to the prey for long periods of time. As the Boxer comes in different shades along with patches we won’t go into the details here.

However, the suggestion would be that if you are interested in adopting a Boxer for yourself or the family, do that via a reliable breeder or pet shop that you can trust. Once you are at the right place for the adoption the rest of the activity is not at all a difficult process as you are walked through the details of the breed which you can then match with your requirements & surroundings; & then pick the best fit. 

Here we will concentrate more on the personality of the Boxer. They are strong & Boxer Dogshave a lot of energy which makes them quite playful, thus those people should opt to adopt them who are also into physical activities or have kids who can exercise their Boxer. If they don’t get their regular dose of this play time they get easily bored & show it by indulging in random chewing, digging etc.  There playful nature is not the only feature of their personality & they should not be taken for being soft animals who can’t be used for guarding or protection purposes; as they have a balanced combination of both these traits & perform both activities with equal perfection. 

The Boxer breed is very popular with children. They are gentle towards them & have a good time with them, playing around. This is the reason that they are extremely favorite for being taken up as family pets. They are both loyal & friendly; making them a perfect company. Another special quality that this breed of dogs has is that they get along with other animals as well.

Not like most other animals & dogs which take some real effort even after their training to get along with other animals. One can easily train a boxer & once this part is done properly the results are worth it as you end up having the most adorable family dog that one can ask for. The obedience level that they have surpasses almost every other breed. They are very protective of their family as well & will go to any limit to fulfill their duty as the guardian of the family & protect them from getting hurt. 

In the popular cultures a lot of movies & television shows portray an image of a loving dog by using a boxer, who is the best friend of the leading role etc. Same stands true for novels as well. Boxers as have been mentioned before are popular family pets therefore it is also not a surprise that they are a delight during family holiday trips as they are so much fun there.