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The Broholmer pros


Broholmer is a breed of dogs that is from the country of Denmark. It is a mix breed between the English mastiff and some local breeds that were available in Germany. Broholmer are taken to be guard dogs and were a symbol of status in the old days where they were taken to guarding the wealthy people only. After the World War 2 their breeding was not done in the right manner, which resulted in their lower numbers but then they were back in fashion in the time period of 70s.

Keeping their nature and reputation as being the guard dogs Broholmer breed has a tall and strong built. This is added with a very impressive and dominant style of walk. The bark of a Broholmer dog is also representative of its guard nature. They come is different shades of brown and black. White Broholmer dogs are also available. Like some species in which the purity of the skin color is very important and any marks are not acceptable, marks on the skin of Broholmer specie is absolutely acceptable and it does not lowers the value of the breed.

Broholmer dogs and breedsBeing a guard dog is not the only feature of the Broholmer breed of dogs. They have a gentle nature too and are not at all completely ferocious animals. However, a lot depends on their training as well. If the dog of this breed is well trained, he will have a balanced nature, where he will be a friendly dog but also will be a very good guard dog that is suspicious of strangers and is able to detect danger and be alert enough to respond to it.

This breed is being taken up as pet dogs as well. The loyalty factor is also the one that is quite appreciated by the owners along with a well balanced nature. A combination of these factors makes it a desirable pet dog.
Keeping in view its size and physical strength and the fact that it is a very nice guard dog; assuming that it is going to be a very nice hunter dog is going to be a mistake. There is a difference between a guard dog and a hunter dog. The general rule is that a hunter dog can be a good guard dog as well; however a guard dog cannot and in most cases is not a good hunter dog. For being a hunter dog one needs some special features that a regular guard dog lacks.

 They include the shape of the limb muscles that is their built is stronger in a hunter dog as they need them for the extra running strength along with the suddenness of their movements which creates an element of surprise for the game animal. A factor that is much appreciated and looked for in a hunter dog.
In a simple guard dog the features that one is concentrating on our ability to sense low voices and movements etc and the ability to respond appropriately.