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Bulldog Campeiro


Bulldog Campeiro is domiciled in Brazil and its original name means a country dog. Dog pundits believe that this breed draws its heritage from a breed of bulldogs that were first introduced in the Rio Grande area by European settlers about five centuries ago. The propagation of this breed can be traced to the cattle rearing by settlers in the South of Brazil. This breed as been used to shepherd cattle and they did it with exceptional performance. Natural selection is believed to be the reason behind which accentuated the propagation of the breed in the countryside.

 For many years, Bulldog Campeiro has remained a working dog. This breed has Bulldog Campeiro breedsremarkable stamina which can be attributed to the set of physical features which make it both powerful and agile. This breed is also adaptable and robust. With regard to temperament much calm and not predisposed to savage tendencies. However, it still has the endurance and the fighting spirit of a typical rustic dog. It can be a faithful companion and less troublesome when domesticated well.

As a shepherd or herding dog, the Bulldog Campeiro maintains moderate temperament and demeanor and the shepherd won’t have trouble working with this breed while herding cattle or sheep in the field. It is very courageous and quite inquisitive when scanning strangers but loyal and good natured when in the presence of the owner.
Physically, Bulldog Campeiro has a thickly fleshed body with powerful and well muscled limbs which gives it stamina and power. The head is quite large and broad. Its face is also broad and holds thick set eyes, a strong and wide muzzle which is medium sized compared to other mastiffs. The hanging flesh on the muzzle is a prominent feature just like its bulldog counterparts. Generally, the ears are medium sized and may be set either low or high depending on the temperament.

Bulldog Campeiro is normally conceived with an average short body and matures without achieving much body length. Those who want to breed this dog may have to pay much as $ 1000 for a single dog. Such a princely sum may be worthwhile for someone who wants a pet dog with a gentle demeanor and calm nature with the accompanying endurance and resistance to disease as is typical of country dogs.

This is typically short and smooth fur bulldog with hairs set close. The coat may come in various shades and colors. The chest and under belly may be white in color and the muzzle deep black with small dark patches on the ears. It is quite hard to find pure colored breeds but brindle and fawn are some of the dominant colors. A typical breed measures 47-57 cm shoulder length and on average, the male and female breeds weigh anything between 35-45 kg or 99 pounds.

Bulldog Campeiro has a strong medium sized neck and a moderately short back which rises slightly from the shoulders. The hind and forequarters are broad and well developed. Both limbs are straight and also short but well muscled and well boned and strong. Its tail is quite short and crooked.