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Cane Corso Mastiff

 The Cane Corso Mastiff is a large dog that is athletic and muscular. It is usually 23 to 27 inches tall and weighs from 40 to 50 kilograms. It has two basic colors, which is either black or fawn. Temperament wise, it is easy to train and they love to be with children. Truth, it is rather indifferent and only reacts when real danger is around.

 So how does one train a Cane Corso Mastiff? Generally, mastiffs are shy and sensitive dogs, so you have to train it early on for it to gain confidence. A simple walk is a general rule for socializing it.

cane corso mastiffThis is very crucial in the first 12 weeks because at this point, it develops most of its sensory organs. The people and the environment it sees during this period are the ones that will be marked in it for the rest of its life. The more time you spend with it, the better the bonding that you would have.

The Cane Corso Mastiff, like a true person, can develop its own set of phobias. This is around 8 to 11 weeks old. During this time, stay away from crowds and try to keep a calm and peaceful surrounding. Talk to it in a nice and happy voice. Also, do not tend to give it more attention than necessary, as this can also a sort of fear in it.

As a part of the socialization training, you would also like to train a Cane Corso Mastiff into an obedient dog. Work with it for at least 15 minutes each day, and start early on because a puppy can process new information quickly. Do not train it when it is frightened or confused. Since mastiffs like positive attention, give it a firm voice expressing your dissatisfaction on a bad move. On the other hand, praise it when it does good things.

Some basic commands that you would like to teach a Cane Corso Mastiff are Sit, Down, Stay, and Come. Before teaching these commands, put into mind a few reminders. Call its name with enthusiasm for attention before giving out a command. Give it praise immediately if it has done the command satisfactorily, and practice this regularly. Perhaps the first command you have to teach it is Come. Once it gets home, it should learn this command at once. Say the command and give it a little tug on the leash if it doesn’t respond at once.

Once the Cane Corso mastiff has mastered Come, the next command would be Sit. This should be done at around 8 weeks old. Gently fold back its legs after the command and then praise it afterwards. Along with Sit should be Down. In the Sit position, gently pull its legs forward, then after that, don’t forget to praise him.

Stay will be an important command for the Cane Corso Mastiff in everyday life. Begin the training with Sit, and then say the command Stay. Open a hand in front of him then move away. If it moves, say No, and then repeat Stay. If it doesn’t move, praise it.

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Training a Cane Corso Mastiff is easy because they want to please people. Also keep in mind to keep the atmosphere cheerful and exciting during training periods. Have a happy training!