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 Dogo Argentino


Dogo Argentino is a sub breed of the mastiff dog breed that is based in Argentina. The main purpose for which Dog Argentino was breed in the country was to use in the game hunting; with the main focus being on the wild boar. Cordoban dog, which is also a fighting dog breed, is from where Dogo Argentino got its origin between the 1920s & 1930s. Keeping in view the purpose that people wanted Dogo Argentino to serve the choice of taking the breed from Cordoban makes proper sense.

One major identification mark of Dogo Argentino is their skin color, which is pure white and patch less. The best types are those that are pure white and if there are some who have any kind of patches of different color or some other similar mark, it is considered a negative for the Dogo Argentino & mostly that dog would be dropped & not be taken up; as the qualities of this breed become doubtful on the show case of this one defect.

Dogo Argentino breedsAs mentioned before the basic breed behind Dogo Argentino is Cordoban, which is no longer available now. This breed was then in the 20s and 30s crossed with multiple breeds including the pointer, boxer, bull dog, Spanish mastiff, bull terrier etc.

These crossings resulted in different forms of the new dogo argentine breed. As with every other mix breed, in this case too the resultant breed carries the traits of both the original breeds. This aspect was kept in mind when the ancestors of our under discussed breed were crossed. This careful crossing resulted in a breed that can be used for dual purposes. It is a fighter dog as well who is used for hunting, guarding & fighting purposes while at the same time they carry the traits of a faithful pet, thus serving both the purposes & therefore people keep them as pets as well.

Tthere is some advice that we would like to give to people who are interested in keeping them as pets. The first one being that those who have a yard should keep it instead of those living in an apartment. The reason being that as these are hunter dogs they have a lot of energy in them that needs to be utilized, so it is the best type of pet for those who will be willing to play with it so that the stored energy is rightly used. For those who want a quieter dog need to look for some other breed.

They are also very protective for their marked surroundings & won’t let any intruders in it. If you intend to it in the company of other dogs make sure that during their trying period as puppies they are brought up in the right environment where their socializing habits have been monitored & brushed up. Once this is done they don’t have a problem in adjusting with other dogs. Age range to which they live is between 9 to 13.