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The Lovely Dogue de Bordeaux


Dogue de Bordeaux is yet another sub branch of the mastiff breed of dogs and is commonly known as the French Mastiff, keeping in view the fact that this breed originated and comes from France. Dogue de Bordeaux differs from other sub branches of the mastiff breed on the bases of its looks. It mostly comes in the brownish or goldish in color. The body of the Dogue de Bordeaux is also a unique one and thus used for the differentiation purpose as well.
Dogue de Bordeaux is a dog that is known for its strength; therefore it has also been used for activities that require a lot of strength, for example pulling heavy stuff around etc. They have also been used as guard dogs for protecting the palaces of the ruling elite, protecting and managing the livestock heard etc. Dogue de Bordeaux gets its strength from the shape of its body which is more in width as compared to the height of the body.

 Dogue de Bordeaux Their body is lower to the ground, which in general might give the impression that they lack the strength and might that is needed by a guard dog. However, this is not true and those underestimating their strength will be in for a surprise. Now if you are wondering as to where do they get their strength from, if they don’t have that required height well it comes from their width. The body width of the Dogue de Bordeaux is how they conserve their needed muscle strength and power.

The most distinct feature possessed by Dogue de Bordeaux is their shape and size of their head. Among the canines they have the most massive head structure. It is not just a feature that helps in distinction but also helps them in their work that needs strength.

Enough said about their outlook, now let’s have a look at their personality as well which is equally or better put much more important. They are known to have a well balanced personality. They are friendly and extremely loyal to their family, living up to the ‘man’s best friend’ title. Being protective is in their nature to a quality that enhances their ability as a guard dog. They know how to show their protective streak to the strangers and suspicious individuals but in no way can they be categorized as hot tempered or ferocious.

To make sure that they are well trained and are able to get along with people and other animals it is very important that they be properly socialized during their training period. Leaving them untrained as puppies is not at all a very good idea; instead it is a rather foolish one.  Training them as adult dogs is going to be a hell of a job and require a lot of patience and time. Therefore, it is suggested and repeated that they be properly trained during their puppy stage so that they turn out to be pretty well groomed dogs who are outright loveable creatures.