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Fila Brasileiro

Fila Brasileiro is also a mix sub breed of mastiff dogs and it has its origins in the country of Brazil. The breeds other than mastiff that were crossed to get the resultant Fila Brasileiro, included the bloodhound dog breed & the bulldog breed. Like any other mix breed, Fila Brasileiro too shares the traits of both the breeds that have been used in the cross. The breeders usually take under consideration the fact that such breeds have both the aggressive qualities and the qualities that can result in their taming in a balanced manner. Therefore they select the original breeds for crossing according or depending on what qualities they want dominant and what they want repressed.

The general definition that defines Fila Brasileiro is that it is a guard dog. Those who take them up use them as their guard dogs and this is one quality that they are looking for when they are searching for a dog that suits their requirements. However, guarding is not the only thing that Fila Brasileiro does.

Fila BrasileiroFila Brasileiro is known for its loyalty as well. However, this loyalty is not that easy to earn and is not given to everyone. For example if a family has adopted this breed as their guard come pet dog the family including the kids will be entitled to the famous loyalty and with time friends who are a frequent presence in the house will also get the special treatment.

This is the maximum generous that Fila Brasileiro will get and this is one reason that it is said that it is not for everyone to keep. Only those who are trained enough and have the experience and are used to handling dogs should go for this pick. Also, those families that entertain a lot of guests on frequent bases should also avoid this breed and pick some other one as they are not too keen on socializing with a large number of people.

These dogs even though with their sharp and hyper temper are still considered an integral part of the dog shows. They are marked on this aggressive behavior. However, if this temper is lost more than the standard marked then they are down marked. The basic criteria is that the owner of the dog has enough control over their pet that they don’t get out of control and limit their reactions on the owner’s instructions. As long as this balance is maintained people actually quite enjoy their presence in the dog shows & are in the list of the most favorite presenters.

With their bones that are large in size and skin that is loosely attached; added with different range of colors that they are available in these dogs are a sight of beauty as well. Those who are seriously into the dog business will know that they are a piece of art & when groomed in the right manner turn out to be amazing species that can make other dog enthusiasts quite jealous.