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The Huge Great Dane


Great Dane comes from the geographical location of Germany. Generally the Great Dane is known by its more common name that is the ‘German Mastiff’. There are a number of sub-breeds of the Great Dane. The color of their coats is also of various types. The colors that they have include the following:

• Black
• Blue
• Fawn
• Harlequin
• Brindle
• Mantle

The feature that is the most unique aspect of the Great Dane it is the dog’s height. They are very tall compared to the other related breeds in their group. This height does give them the unique touch but not in a negative connotation. It is this height of the Great Dane added with the other muscular toned shape of the Great Dane that forms the overall elegance of the dog. The combination of these Great Danefeatures and the way the Great Dane carries itself, especially the style of its walk is what makes the judges of the all the major kennel clubs stunned and impressed by the sheer grace of the dog.

All these are natural features of this breed, however to get the perfect grooming it is very important that they be socialized properly and trained the right and accepted behavior from the very beginning. There are some incidents where it has been reported that these dogs have attached humans.

 However, in their defense if properly investigated one will come to know that such incidents were called for by the people themselves. This breed of dogs like many other from the canine group is suspicious of strangers; this one feature is part of their imbedded instincts. Therefore, if one will not just let go of the Dane and think that fooling around it is fun well then they have to pay a price for this stupid thinking.
The above reference should not leave the impression that they are not that easy to keep as pets. On the contrary they are very good pets, who are loyal to the maximum and also once they get used to the adopted family they are very friendly and playful. As mentioned before they have a unique height which has been recognized as being the tallest among all the lap dogs. Keeping in view that they are family pets and therefore they are quite playful.

 This breed does need its fair share of exercise just like any other breed of dogs, however, dude to their bone structure it is advised that one makes sure that they don’t get an over doze of the exercise. This needs to be specially taken care of when these dogs are young in their puppy stage. One reason; being that they grow in their height very quickly and thus their bones are prone to problems. Thus, this one aspect of this dog is that needs to be taken care of very closely.
Dane has his presence in the popular culture as well. All of us know who Scooby Doo is and love his character.