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The Huge Newfoundland

Newfoundland commonly known as the gentle giant or the nanny dog is a breed from Canada. It takes its name from the areas where its breeding started in the first place that was the dominion of Newfoundland; a place that is part of Canada now.

Newfoundland is the type of dogs that are usually used as the working dogs. Newfoundland in particular was used by the fishermen as their working dogs. Their physical strength made them very apt for this purpose. They have very strong muscles, the shape of their paws is fitted for swimming, their fur is suitable for the purpose and above all they are capable of pulling heavy stuff, which makes them the best fit for water work. Another factor that adds to the plus points in the portfolio of the Newfoundland is that it is quite helpful in fish hunting and those who take it quite seriously as a business or sport this dog is their best friend.

Newfoundland breedersIt is not just the fishermen that can have the Newfoundland as their best friend but anyone who picks it up as a pet. Due to the gentle and calm nature of the Newfoundland it is one of the favorite breeds to be picked up as a pet. However, it should not be mistaken that as they have a gentle nature therefore their ability to act as the guard dogs is diminished. This is not at all true, they are gentle and friendly but at the same time they are very apt at their duty as a guard dog and known when it is time to show their unfriendly side.

People keep them as pets as they are calm in nature are good guard dogs and most of all they are very good with children. There are a lot of stories associated with them and the bond that they share with children, taking care of them, protecting them etc. This is from where they get their second common name; the nanny dog from.  Families that have small children and who want to keep a pet; but are also scared for the uncalled for accidents; can pick this breed up with full satisfaction. Their track record is completely clean and is a proof that they can be blindly trusted with one’s kids.

Apart from being the best pick for the family pet, they are also very good at rescue activities and also have a very good track record on this issue. Here again their physical strength and their calm attitude gives them the edge over other breed of dogs. These dogs are quite easy to train and once they learn they don’t fail at that task again. Thus, they are a delight for the dog trainers and it won’t be an exaggeration to say that they are the trainers sweet hearts.

They look good too, beautiful with their fur and the color which is grey, black, white or a mix of black and white added with their immense cuteness