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      Pyrenean Mountain dog


Pyrenean Mountain Dog is a breed of dogs that is one of the oldest to exist. Pyrenean Mountain Dog is known to be there since a very long time; according to popular estimation they have been around for hundreds and hundreds of years. The main purpose for which the Pyrenean Mountain Dog has been used and still is being used is as a guard dog for the livestock.

Shepherds and the Pyrenean Mountain Dog share a joint history that goes back to hundreds of years. The origin of this breed of dogs is from France and is also known by the name of ‘Great Pyrenees’ generally and specifically in the geographical area of North America. The appearance of the Pyrenean Mountain Dog also suits the duty that they are expected to perform. They are large in sizes that grow to an approximate height of thirty two inches and they weigh a maximum between fifty to fifty four kilograms.

 Pyrenean Mountain dogThe female Pyrenean Mountain Dog has a slight variation from these figures and they grow to a maximum of twenty nine inches and their weight ranges between thirty six to forty one kilograms. They have a white coat which can have shades of tan, gray or red on it. Pure white coat is not the preference for the breeders and unlike in a lot of other breeds of dogs where any kind of patches on the skin are considered an unfavorable feature, in Pyrenean Mountain Dog it is considered a favorable sign.

 One of the reasons; being that a pure white coat of the dog means that it does not have the required black pigment which is a necessary for the color of the nose and eyes, thus these parts won’t be of the desired color. Only very experienced breeds are able to handle them and their further breeding. However, these pure coat dogs are not uncommon and can be found in almost every breeding group of these dogs.

Keeping in view that they are guard dogs which help protect and manage the livestock heard they have very balanced nature, carrying both the features of a guard dog and that of a friendly one. The aggressiveness of a guard dog is needed so that it can protect the heard from any kind of intruders, be it thieves or other animals that come over in search of food and also it is needed in order to manage the heard and making sure that they group together when the dog is commanding.

 Added to this the friendly nature is needed so that the dog doesn’t harm the heard animals itself and is able to establish a bond of trust with them. Pyrenean is known to be a very loyal dog as well; there are number of incidents that are support this aspect of Pyrenean’s personality if one looks in the popular culture. A number of novels and movies have depicted the man’s best friend in its form and some famous figures also own it.