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The Chinese Shar Pei


Shar Pei is a breed of dogs that comes from China. They were originally breed to serve as the guard dogs at the palace of China. However, their name Shar Pei means ‘sand skin’. It is the reference to the texture of their skin and not just the color as they don’t just come in their usual sand color but in grey and mix color too. The size of the Shar Pei is not that big either even though the mention of their being guard dogs gives the impression of a big sized dog.

Their attribute of being a guard dog is not what they are usually now known for. Currently, Shar Pei is labeled as a family pet dog. However, they do retain their instincts and guard dog nature. Usually they are known to be suspicious of people especially strangers, therefore during their training period it has to be taken care of that they are used to company and are well socialized; so that they can adjust in new environments.

Shar Pei from chinaShar Pei are known to be very loyal pets and protective of their families. They are not very easy going in the beginning but once they settle down they are outright lovely and show immense affection for the family. Another feature that is very unique of the Shar Pei breed is that they are a very silent lot. Something that is unusual for dogs. Shar Pei bark only in two circumstances, one when they are suspicious and feel danger or when they are playing. Otherwise they don’t make the usual random sounds that pet dogs are known to make or for that matter any dog makes.

They also have a very special appearance. When they are young or in their puppy stage they have more wrinkles compared to when they grow old, an opposite phenomena to any aging cycle. The reason for this opposite cycle is that with time as these puppies grow older into becoming fully grown dogs; they grow into their wrinkled skin, thus with time the wrinkles lessen in number. So when we say they grow in their skin, we mean it in absolute literal terms; as that is what they do; grow in their skin.

There are a few allergy related skin problems that this breed of dogs suffers from but they are curable and a proper vet can take care of them with great ease. However, there is a serious genetic problem that they also suffer and that happens via the crossing process. The professional breeders are however, trying to look into this issue as well and putting in their efforts to make sure that they can get rid of this problem or if not entirely then at least be able to minimize its effects in the best possible manner.

Another very interesting fact about this breed is that it has been declared the rarest breed of dogs by different magazines including Times and some countries were not even ready to recognize their existence.