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Zorba Mastiff


 Zorba Mastiff, or Aicama Zorba of La-Susa as it was registered, is the largest dog in the world. It is actually an English Mastiff that is owned by Chris Eraclides who hails from London England. It made its way to the Guinness Book of World Records with a massive weight of 140 kilograms, or 343 pounds. With a height of 37 inches and a length of 8 feet and 3 inches, Zorba was in the records since November 1989. Unfortunately, he died at the age of 8.

  So how could anyone raise a pet like a Zorba Mastiff? Would you want to have a dog as big as that? The key here is to keep it fit. Diet and grooming are key elements in maintaining a healthy, not to mention big, dog, which is in this case zorba mastiffa mastiff. During the puppy years, specifically the first year, feed it with lots of good food. This is very crucial, since 5 pounds can be gained in a single week. So keep an eye on it during this year, making two or three meals a day for it. But watch out for too many calories, fats, and proteins, for these could make it grow too fast and cause joint problems in the future. Just keep the foods in good quality, and do not leave a meal for them, because it has a penchant for overeating.

After the puppy years, a shift might be necessary to achieve a Zorba Mastiff record. You might think of increasing the food intake, but it would actually take less food for an adult mastiff to keep it going. Since it is a calm and unaggressive dog, it does not need a lot for its inactivity. Just take note of certain nutrients when preparing your dog’s meal, which should consist of 20-25% protein, 12-18% fat, 3-5% iodine, and a right amount of calcium and phosphorus. Better yet, real food will also do your mastiff good, such as beef, chicken, turkey, eggs, oatmeal, and yogurt.

Speaking of food, there should also be fresh water available all the time for your future Zorba Mastiff. Like anyone else, it can get very stressed out if it doesn’t get its daily dose of water. Keep it fresh and keep it available, preferably in an elevated bowl that would provide comfort for it. Moreover, give it a treat in the form of a bone that can be bought in grocery stores, which is not only yummy but also good for its teeth.

After diet, grooming should be prioritized next. The short coat of the mastiff is easy to tend to. Learn to train it to stand still when taking its bath. This should be dome early on, and although it might resist for the first few times, it will grow accustomed to it with gentleness and care. Daily brushing, weekly nail clipping, and monthly bathing are the basics. Cleaning its eyes, ears, and teeth should also be done regularly for a Zorba Mastiff right at your home.


Above diet and grooming, love and care should always be there. Those are the more important things than turning your mastiff into Zorba Mastiff. Mastiffs are wonderful companions, so always take care of them in every way that you can.