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American Mastiff


You will love the American mastiff as your pet because of its many positive characteristics. This large, massive powerful canine belongs to the molosser type as a result of crossbreeding an English mastiff with an Anatolian mastiff, twenty years ago. The goal was to minimize the drooling, get rid of hip dysplasia, and extend its life span.

  The American mastiff grows to be huge; the height is 28-36 inches; the weight of the male is 160-200 lbs. and the female 140-180.They come either in fawn, apricot or brindle; white is acceptable in the feet, chest, chin and nose. They must have that black mark upon their faces to show that they are the right breed.

american mastiffThe female mastiff is in the heat every 8 months. The puppies are dark brown upon birth their color becomes lighter as they grow older; by the time they are a year old, they will have the usual color of mastiffs. Puppies grow at such amazing rate that you are hardly aware that they are no longer pups. At 6 months, they should not be given vitamins, minerals or calcium since these are contained in the proper amount their dog food.

The American mastiff is dignified rather than gay, stays calm, quiet, loyal and loving. It is over-flowing with affection for the children and extremely devoted to the family; it is willing to protect them with its life and becomes aggressive when its family is threatened.

In the dog world, the natural instinct is to form order in the pack with its leader and followers. The family is a member of its pack; the human must show superiority so they will occupy higher level than their dog. The entire pack works together for the good of all.

The coat of the American mastiff is short but it easily grows. The coat must be brushed often with a firm bristle. Then its body can be wiped with a soft cloth or towel to make it clean and shiny. The mastiff will enjoy a bath and shampoo.

Their health is good for they are happy, there is few report on the incidence of fever and other illness. They are contented living even in a small apartment but they should be given the opportunity to exercise by walking or running in a fenced yard. As they grow older, they begin getting lazy and are known as couch potatoes. Take them regularly for a walk around the block at least twice a day. Regular exercise will help them release their physical energy. Life expectancy is 10-12 years.

Doctors claimed that many dogs brought to their offices were not given the proper kind of nutrition. Just imagine how many dollars their owners could have saved had they given their dogs the proper diet. Food must be rich in nutrient sources with a proper balance of protein, carbohydrates, fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals. They can eat a good supply of meat, white rice, beet pulp, and barley. Not included in their food regimen are citrus products, potatoes, ocean fish, and avocados.

By crossing breeding, the American mastiff has eliminated the tendency of the mastiff’s to drool. The incidence of hip dysplasia has been minimized and the longevity of the dog has been increased to more than 10 years.

American Mastiff

The American mastiff will continue to be the favorite dogs of the Americans since their nature stands for all the values in life that the Americans believed in: dignity, calmness, love, loyalty, courage, understanding, and patience.