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French Mastiff 


 The French Mastiff is one of the oldest dogs with a French descent running in them. It is also called Dogue de Bordeaux or Bordeaux Mastiff. It is a very strong and powerful dog with a muscular physique, although they have a very good temperament. Due to its built, its sheer power was used to pull heavy objects, to protect flocks of animals, and to even guard European castles.

  Before, the French Mastiff was classified into three types, namely the Bordeaux, the     Parisian, and the Toulouse, which depended on the location where it was raised. It ha s a big head with a thick and stocky body, which weighs from 45 kilograms to 50 kilograms.

french mastiff It has a straight tail that has a thick base then gradually tapers to the tip. It is somewhat short, standing between at 22 inches to 27 inches. Its head is its major characteristic, which is claimed to be the largest among all breeds. It also has a powerful set of jaws, and the skin around its neck is loose. The coat is fine and short, which is colored light red to mahogany, and it sometimes has white spots on the chest and toes.

  On average, the French Mastiff can live up to 12 years, and you can expect at least two French Mastiff puppies at a time. Despite the dominating stature of the dog, it is not overly aggressive. In fact, it is a loyal and devoted dog, which is why they are good dogs for guarding. It is calm and can become a very good companion.

The guarding skills of the French Mastiff were seen through the years. It was also used to hunt other animals and to herd cattle. It was even used for baiting other animals, such as bears, bulls, and jaguars. Wealthy French families kept one at their homes for protection purposes. Although it has almost perished during the French Revolution, it started to regain its popularity with the movie Turner and Hooch, which is about the story of a police and his dog partner. This dog partner was indeed this breed.

Thus, the French mastiff became a popular pet dog in the United States after that, although they were first brought to these shores during the 1800s from Great Britain. It was also seen in many other movies and television shows. It was then finally recognized by the American Kennel Club, which further helped to make its breed flourish even more.

With its sheer power and strength, the ancestors of the French Mastiff were used during wars. Nowadays, it was become a gentle and loving dog. Most homeowners keep it as a guard, a police dog, a rescue dog, a search dog, a watchdog, a weight puller, or simple a home pet. It is no longer just a hunting dog or a herding dog, for it is now capable of becoming a member of any family. The treatment given to it has also changed dramatically over the years, and this dog is really one that can make an excellent companion to be with.

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