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Tibetan Mastiff Mystery


Dogs are man’s best friend so owning a dog would be great. But with so many breeds around, you are at a loss on which one to choose. You can consider the Tibetan mastiff, which is an ideal family pet for it, is brave, steadfast, and docile. This breed of domestic dogs originated from Central Asia and was known to be the sentinels of the Tibetan priests.


A news reporter once wrote the story of a pair of mastiffs who were killing tigers and wolves while guarding its flock of sheep in the mountains of Nepal. Known as guardian breeds, Tibetan mastiffs possess strong protective instincts and are closely attached to its master.

tibetan mastiff  This mastiff is one of the largest breeds; measuring up to 31+ inches (80+cms.) whereas the standard dog height is only 25-28 inches (61 to 72 cms) Tibetan mastiff has long double coat which comes in varied colors as solid black, tricolor but the most uncommon shade is white.

This guardian breed is intelligent but stubborn so an obedience training program is recommended. Its large size does not make it an ideal companion for small kids but for older ones. Its owner must be confident and assertive to handle mastiffs that are strong-willed and stubborn. Tibetan mastiffs appear to be lazy for they tend to sleep all day and become active at night.

Some common health problems that this Tibetan mastiff is bound to suffer is thyroids, heart disease, eyes disease, allergies, sensitivity to chemicals and drugs. Every December or January, the Tibetan mastiff breeds only one estrus per year rather than average two. Its life expectancy is quite long; it could live for as long as 10 -14 years.

Tibetan mastiffs cost low in maintenance; just keep its coats clean and shiny. Brush only once a week but more brushings are required during shedding period. Being a medium shedder, this canine is not for people with allergies.

As a large dog, Tibetan mastiff is not suited for apartment living for it needs a spacious area or a, fenced yard with another dog companion. It requires some amount of exercise but not the overly active kind. It is cautious around strangers and very sharp in hearing your voice.
Many dogs get sick because their owners do not know how to feed them properly so the owners are likely to spend hundreds of dollars paying the vet. Mastiffs must be feed with food rich in nutrient sources with the proper balance of carbohydrates, protein, fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals. Owners must strive to feed their pets with fresh quality ingredients that are free from preservatives.

An excellent diet consists of barley, horsemeat, white rice, and beet pulp. Never feed your mastiffs with potatoes, citrus products, avocado, and ocean fish. You can cook a separate meal for your pet using quality ingredients without preservatives.


If you intend to get a dog, let it be the Tibetan mastiff, which will make an excellent family dog, guardian, pet and friend. Appreciating this Tibetan breed is shown by the desire of many people worldwide to own this kind of dog. The Tibetan mastiff has all the traits that every dog owners are looking for in a pet. They are brave, protective, gentle, loyal, highly intelligent, and quick to learn. You cannot ask for more than these in a dog.