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Finding the Right Mastiff Kennels

The time has finally come. You and your family have finally decided that it is time to add a new addition. you have thought about a small poodle, but you feel as though you want to go a little larger. OK, a lot larger. Perhaps you want to invite the largest breed dog into your loving home. So you all have decided on a mastiff.Yes, those huge dogs that love to drool all over the place, but they are oh so sweet and gentle. You don't know where to start, you have never owned a purebred and you want to make sure that you know you are getting the best quality for your investment. There are several places that you can look into locally, through the Internet and through dog shows.

mastiff dog house  Going to local dog shows will be your better bet, but don't feel that you have to resort to that exclusively. Many are breeders and they have their own kennels. There are certain criteria that their dogs would meet to be in the shows. That alone gives them a bit of credibility. While at the show you can ask them a wide variety of questions. You may even want to look at their dog and get the feel for the breed.

There are several questions that you will want to ask the breeder. For one see how long that they have been breeding and how many dogs that they have sold. You may ask about their dogs and how many they have. A lot of times when a breeder is excited about their breed, they will want to talk about them in every aspect. You may not even have many questions other then the basics and they will want to talk all day about them. One was to know their passion for their dogs is if they actually talk about the dog. You can tell when someone is just trying to throw you a sale's pitch. They are just wanting to sell their dogs and have little or no compassion for them whatsoever. That is how you can find the breeders heart for what they do.

Perhaps there are no local shows but there are breeders in the area. Go ahead and talk to a few of them. Go visit their home and the kennel. You will have a first hand look at what the puppies are born into and how the other dogs (especially the parents of the puppy) live around. Ask for a tour of the kennel and notice the living conditions. Ask for references of other buyers. Look for credentials and find out how long they have been in the breeding business. Shop around even though you may be excited about buying your new puppy or you may fall in love with one in particular. Ask where other dogs were purchased. Perhaps they traveled somewhere to purchase some of their breeding dogs.

You may want to travel to another place that has a breeding facility and that is OK, if you have the time and gas money. It may very well be the best, because these dogs are not cheap. You may want to resort to the Internet for various breeders. A lot of the time they may post pictures on their site but that doesn't mean that they have the best of kennels. You must be aware that there are such a thing as puppy mills. These are kennels or breeding mills. Dogs are not well taken care of and are just treated as something to make money. You may want to shun from these types of places because you will not get the best of quality as possible.

When purchasing your new mastiff there are several questions to ask breeders and be sure to write everyone of them down. You don't want to become attached to them before you find out all the facts and have already bought him. Beware of those who throw a sales pitch and not really want to talk much about the breed. Know that there are kennels that are horrid and don't take care of their animals. Shop around a little and take your time in choosing the right Mastiff kennel to make your purchase.

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