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  • My mastiff dog has eaten my small pony , AH i was mistaken my mastiff dog is a small pony , if you need to know how to care for your mastiff horse come on in !
  • My Boerboel dog has to be carried to bed and uses a baby dummy , its never grown up from been a puppy ?
  • The olde english bulldogge has been known to flag down a taxis and then do a runner without paying , the breed has been banned from taxi use in several states ?
  • The antebellum bulldog has been linked to 2 major bank robberies on the west coast , they say the breeds took over 2 million dollars in gold ?
  • My Gull Terr likes curry so much he gous to the curry house 3 times a week , and he no longer smells like a dog just curry ?
  • My american mastiff dave got so drunk he got thrown out of the bar for fighting with the door men ?
  • The bandog mastiff breed can kill a man with one single punch to the head , true or false ?
  • My polish tatra sheepdog sarah can eat a whole sheep in one mouthfull , true or false ?
  • The alapaha blue blood bulldog will be third inline to the thrown , in what country do you think ?
  • My banter bulldogge gary was having an affair with my brothers sister for six months , and no one even had a clue ?
  • Gran mastin de borinquen is a dog that can pass its driving test at the age of seven , but only in a ford ?
  • Kumaon Mastiff dogs are banned from using public transport after rumors of gang related shootings ?
  • The St. John’s Water Dog breed was the winner of xfactor in 2011 , the frech mastiff was a runner up ?
  • My Dogo Sardesco called brian , had an affair with my sister and left all 17 pupps behind ?
  • The Alangu Mastiff will cost you one million pounds , do you want one for free ?
  • Bully Kutta's breed is a fantastic one , they even do the washing if you ask nicely ?
  • My Himalayan sheepdog did the oposite and ended up eating all my sheep , bad boy .
  • My Cimarrón Uruguayo geoff is so hard he beat me in an arm wrestle , best of 5 , he won them all.
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  • A Korean Mastiff can bite as hard as a great white shark , true or false ?
  • My Dogo Guatemalteco spencer had to go to the doctors to remove a small haorse that was stuck in his throught ?
  • The Leonberger dog breed held the disco dancing title in new york for 5 years straight ?
  • My boxer dog hit me will a left hand upper cut , then ran off with my girl friend , what a boy !
  • My Dogo Argentino was so smug he shot himself in the foot when it came to the ladises ?
  • My Fila Brasileiro was sent to get me out of the bar , we shared a bottle of jack daniels and staggered home.
  • My Hovawart colin always used to up my wifes skirt when he was scared , brave dog !
  • My pyrenean mountain dog levi has to walk backwards because his legs are on the wrong way ?
  • My broholmer beaat me at arm wrestling , best out of 3 , he won all three !
  • Dogue de Bordeaux is a dog with a distinct smell , it smells of money and lots of it ?
  • Mt great dane is that big in entered him into the grans national and he won , amazing ?
  • The chinese Shar Pei is so quick and fast it is said that they can out fight a ninja ?
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  • My brazilian mastiff told my wife i was having an affair with her sister , dont trust them . Crossed with the bloodhound they can track you were ever you go , and will tell tails !
  • The magninficent american bandogge stands tall and proud and not to be messed with , it is an athelite of gold medal standards of the mastiff world !
  • My english mastiff called dave was having an affair with my brothers wife , of course dave won the fight paws down !
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  • My Zorba Mastiff did not flinch when i gave him a left upper cut as i caught him looking up the girlfriends skirt , dirty boy !
  • It was about half an hour before i got up from the upper cut punch my can corso mastiff dave hit me with , over a woman of course !
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  • My american mastiff rupert did not bat an eye when i caught him looking up the wifes skirt , filthy boy !
  • As far as puppies go finding mastiff puppies for sale should not be hard , they are not exactly small , on a serious note you need to know were and who to see !
  • You going on your hols and you need the right mastiff kennels for your biggest child , all info needed is for you here , come on in !
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  • My Newfoundland dog is so big i had to have a new extension built on my house and had to send her to private school ?
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